Thursday, September 18, 2008

Black Gold, Parts II & III

I had a stellar day today, very productive (and without any interruptions, so no wonder)! No photos of today's work, but I did finish one pair of earrings that I had started on Monday, and then made a pair of earrings and a necklace for the Black Gold series, a mini collection of 18kt gold and blackened sterling pieces. I've sketched ideas for other pieces and no sooner is one sketch finished than another idea presents itself, so I think I'll be very hard at work in this series for a while.

Speaking of sketchbooks, these are two that I use, the beautiful Sari brocade ribbon ties an inspiration in itself. They're to be found at the lovely shop of a lovely Etsian, Rumah Kampung.

With some heavy rains behind us we're now entering into magnificent weather, the kind that makes New England the very best place to live in at this time of year. Bright sunny skies, warm sun, crisp and cool air. Trees will soon be changing to brilliant, vivid colors, and here and there there is already evidence of it.

I've always found this time of year to be the most inspiring for me and already I'm finding myself working with gemstones that reflect the colors of autumn...

'Til next time...

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