Thursday, June 12, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy...

I've been so busy! Major renovations to the house, custom orders that I've been working on, site updates to Mardi, including a gallery of some of my recently sold pieces, and a slew of family get-togethers are some of the reasons that I've been in absentia! Our niece, Anaïs, and her boyfriend are arriving from France at the end of this month, thus a good incentive to have work done on the house in time for their arrival. One particularly happy renovation will be my studio, somewhat of a challenge to plan out because it must serve a dual purpose: my jewelry work, and also my webdesign business.

In other news: For the past few weeks Mardi Studio has been the Fashion Spotlight on the main page of the Fashion channel on!

My first two jewelry sales in Etsy both happened within minutes of each other in May (I should have played the lottery that day! lol) and though no recent sales from my shop since, I have been contacted via convo for another custom order. :)