Friday, September 19, 2008

Black Gold Series

A sneak peek of the Mardi Black Gold series:

Today is another day immersed in this little series, with a second pair of earrings nearly finished.

I was discussing (actually, ranting) to JP a couple of nights ago over dinner, the problems I have photographing my jewelry...and I had read in a few places that in order to bring more of an item into sharp focus, a low f-stop (excuse my terminology, I think that's what its called; a photographer I'm not!) was needed, but I couldn't get our camera to do anything less than 5.6. "Ah", he said, "That's the lowest the camera lens will allow". News to me!! So today, after the usual struggling to take decent photos, with the subsequent deletion of nearly all of them, I called JP at his office in desperation to ask what in God's name type of lens we needed so I could at least price them! He told me, I went to and found what I hope is the perfect lens...and with 1-day shipping it will be here on Monday. Huge relief if it does the trick, with countless wasted hours and tons of frustration behind me if it does! Now I'm just hoping for some sunny days next Monday and beyond. :)

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