Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Black Gold, Earrings Part II

Just finished this pair for the Black Gold series; prefabricated chains in 18kt gold, blackened sterling, with glossy black spinel briolettes, 18kt beads and rondelles of sparkly black garnet:

As usual, the photo isn't very good... it's on my must-do list for today, to play around with the new camera lens and settings. *sigh*


mdk jewelry designs said...

I am really drawn to these earrings. They are beautiful! I love the black spinel and the black garnet.

I just purchased some black garnet brios. She only had 3 left and so I purchased all 3. I also got some ruby rondelles, like 2mm or maybe 3mm. They are the tiniest beauties. Do not even have a clue what I will design with them.

I can not wait to see what you design with the PMC keishi pearls you made. Whatever you make, I know it will rock!

MarDi said...

Thank you, Misti!

Black garnet and rubies, gorgeous colors combination. Together they'll inspire, and just as you said to me, whatever you make with them I know will be fabulous!

mdk jewelry designs said...

Thanks you so much, MarDi. I have to say that when I lay my exhausted brain down for the night, these black gold earrings, are what I see when I close my eyes! I am really drawn to these earrings! I love the gold and black together. Wow!

MarDi said...

Awww Misti, that makes me so happy, thank you!

With every comment you leave, you make my day!

mdk jewelry designs said...

tag, your it!

Frida said...

I think these earrings so cool. These earrings are really pretty and unique.

Anne said...

I happened to see you on etsy. I think your photos are wonderful! It would be great if you could have background that allows for the design and colors of the item to show clearly. What kind of camera do you use?

Nice work, by the way.

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